Using EThOS as your thesis repository

If you do not have an institutional repository or you have theses that are not held in your repository, you can use EThOS as your e-thesis repository. Instead of EThOS harvesting your repository, you can supply your e-theses to EThOS as follows.

FIle transfer, CD or DVD

You can supply your theses to EThOS by sending via file transfer or secure document transfer, or by putting them on a CD/DVD and physically sending them to EThOS.

For all of these methods, we need you to present the metadata and theses in a standard manner. The folder and file structures for supply of content to EThOS should be as follows:


The ‘metadata.xml’ file should contain metadata expressed as UKETD_DC. Click in the link below to view a sample metadata.xml file.
  • Sample metadata.xml
Your metadata file also requires the “OAI wrapper” to be added on top of general UKETD_DC fields. Click in link below to view a sample metadata.xml file with required OAI wrapper.
  • Sample metadata.xml with OAI wrapper
More information about sending files and data via secure transfer methods can be found here.
The address to send theses on CD/DVD to can be found here

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