Thesis records

EThOS aims to provide a single, searchable interface for all UK doctoral theses. The database currently holds more than 300,000 records relating to theses awarded by over 120 UK Higher Education institutions, and some 2000 new records are added monthly.

Records are held for all UK PhD-awarding institutions, but we do not yet hold all records for all institutions. There are a number of ways in which new records are added to EThOS.:

Harvest from Institutional Repositories

EThOS harvests the thesis data from all UK institutional repositories where possible, and adds the harvested data to EThOS. A careful matching process ensures that existing EThOS records are updated with additional data, and new records are created where one does not already exist. For information on the metadata profile and the fields that are harvested and displayed, see the section on Metadata.

Over 90 institutional repositories are harvested on a monthly basis via the OAI-PMH standard. If you have thesis records in your repository that are not yet reflected in EThOS, please let us know.

Convert and Add Catalogue Records

Many institutions hold thesis information in your catalogue rather than your repository. From late 2014 we will be able to receive your catalogue records in Marc or similar formats and convert the data to add to EThOS.

Cataloguing Title Pages

If you have theses for which there is no electronic record, we will catalogue your theses from a copy of the title page and abstract. Please send electronic copies of the title page in preference to paper wherever possible.

Institutions are asked to upload the title pages to our dedicated EThOS FTP server. The following tips may help:

•You will need an FTP software such as Filezilla. Open the software and type the EThOS ftp server address FTP.BL.UK into the Host box
•You will need to request the login details from uktheses-work at bl.uk. Type these into the screen.
•You will then see two folders: one for full texts and one for e-title pages. Transfer your e-title pages from your local server to the BL server
•Please make sure you include all metadata and abstracts if at all possible.

You can also send them by email. Contact details are here.

The British Library cataloguing team will then create full EThOS records. Please note there may be a delay of up to 3 months before your title pages are catalogued.

Missing Records

Around half a million doctoral theses have been awarded by UK institutions, yet not all of these are currently visible via EThOS. EThOS is becoming increasingly comprehensive in its coverage, and we would like to fill in the gaps in records for both recent and older items.

The EThOS Speculative Request option(external link) allows users to request a thesis which is known to exist but is not listed in EThOS. In addition, if you notice that EThOS does not hold records for all of your institution’s doctoral theses, then please get in touch.

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