Ordering a digitised copy

On viewing an EThOS record a researcher will be met with one of the following options for accessing the full thesis:
  1. Immediate free download of the electronic thesis
  2. Follow a link to the thesis held in the repository of the awarding institution
  3. No digital copy available but a copy may be ordered
  4. No digital copy available; user must contact the awarding institution to find out how to view the copy.
This section describes what happens in the third instance: user can order a digital copy.

Institutions may opt in or out of this part of the EThOS service to meet their own requirements. The researcher will therefore be met with different ordering and payment parameters depending on the institution that awarded the required thesis and their selected digitisation option.

The process is briefly this:
  • The user registers and logs in to EThOS before a digitisation order can be placed
  • The user orders a scanned copy of a paper thesis via digitisation-on-demand; pricing and turnaround times are indicated when ordering, and vary according to the institution’s selected option
  • Paper thesis is requested automatically from the supplying library
  • Theses are scanned by the British Library at cost recovery prices
  • The digitised thesis is added to EThOS and the researcher notified that it’s now available for download; where a digitisation fee is payable it is charged at this point
  • It can take up to 6 weeks for the scanned item to become available after an order is placed. Institutions often need to retrieve the item from a remote store, then forward it to the British Library which has a turnaround target of 30 days
  • Researchers can track the progress of their order as shown:
Thesis ready for collection07/09/201214.02
Thesis received at EThOS04/09/201209.21
Thesis requested from institution01/09/201213.38
Order placed01/09/201213.37

  • The e-thesis remains available for immediate free download by all future users.
Where the digitisation cost is passed on to the end-user, in 2013 the price for digitising a thesis was £43.29 plus VAT. There has been a small annual price increase each year since then, and this increase in not reflected in these prices. See the main EThOS.bl.uk website for the latest prices.

Added value services

While the vast majority of researchers will wish to download the e-thesis to their computer to support their research, the added value services offer the option to receive a copy in an alternative format.

Researchers may order a print or handheld electronic copy of the thesis. Available options and prices as at August 2013 were as shown below. Please note that there is a small annual price increase, which may not be reflected in the prices shown:

Supply formatCost to researcher
Printed loose-leaf
Printed soft-bound
Printed hard-bound
£15.55 (inc. VAT)

Note that where the thesis first has to be requested from the institution and digitised by the British Library, then the standard digitisation price is payable in addition to the ‘Added value’ prices above.

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