This section contains the information needed to help you present your thesis metadata consistently and accurately in your repository.

The British Library and Cranfield University have developed a metadata application profile to enable the exchange of metadata between institutional repositories and EThOS. This is called the OAI UKETD_DC Exchange Profile.

The profile is based on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)(external link) but includes additional elements required specifically for theses that are not available in the DC schema, for example qualification level and name.

Detailed information is also provided here about the way in which EThOS harvests, uses, displays and shares each metadata field such as 'Awarding Body', and what we are doing to try to make the EThOS data as comprehensive as possible.

We also describe how EThOS data and full texts can be extracted or downloaded by participating institutions for re-use in your own repository, and provide information for other services that may be interested in linking to EThOS content.

In this section: