Digitising paper theses

One of the unique features of EThOS is the way that information about all theses is brought together in one place regardless of when the thesis was awarded or its original print or e- format.

Where a digital copy already exists, EThOS provides access either via a link to your own institutional repository or directly as a downloadable copy from the EThOS database. Where a thesis exists only in paper format, in the vast majority of cases a researcher can order a scanned copy through the digitisation-on-demand service. The digitisation function offers institutions a streamlined process for having a copy made directly in response to a user’s request.

Three different digitisation options are offered for institutions. These are:
  • Option 1: Institution supports digitisation-on-demand and has a budget to fund the digitisation process
  • Option 2: Institution supports digitisation-on-demand but the cost of digitisation is passed on to the requesting user
  • Option 3: Institution’s theses are recorded in EThOS but digitisation-on-demand is not offered. Users should approach the institution to find out how to view the paper thesis.
These options for institutions are described in detail in the relevant section listed below, along with further information for users.

In this section: