Digitisation option 1

With this option the institution supports digitisation on demand via EThOS and funds the digitisation itself.

Institutions may select to have their theses returned intact following the scanning process, or have them discarded. The latter option carries a lower price since there is no return postage, and the team can slice off the bindings and feed the pages through a high speed scanner.

From 1 August 2013 the prices will be:

Service Price per thesis VAT Total
Thesis is scanned and
returned to the institution
£43.29 £8.66 £51.95
Thesis is scanned, and not
returned to institution
but destroyed after scanning
£25.30 £5.06 £30.36

All payments for digitisation orders are managed by the British Library in the same way as other British Library priced services such as Document Supply.

When selecting Digitisation Option 1, there is a choice of payment methods:
  • Deposit account
  • Billing account

Deposit account:

This is a useful option for institutions wishing to allocate a fixed budget for digitising theses. Institutions may deposit any amount into the deposit account, depending on the number of theses likely to be requested for digitisation over a year or other fixed period.

EThOS alerts the institution when the deposit account balance drops below a certain level and institutions may top up the account at any point. Bulk digitisation projects can also be funded from the deposit account if appropriate.

Billing account

Institutions with a billing account are invoiced retrospectively on a monthly basis to the value of the theses digitised within that month.

Note that sometimes theses may be ordered in one month but invoiced in a following month, especially in cases where there has been a delay between an institution receiving a request and the thesis being digitised. In such cases the institution is required to pay for orders which are in progress, i.e. the payment method cannot be changed halfway through the process.

Other digitisation options:
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