Awards and abbreviations

Doctoral awards and abbreviations

Doctor of Philosophy (Philosophiae Doctor): Ph.D

Doctor of Medicine (Medicine Doctor): M.D.

Doctor of Engineering: D.Eng.

Doctor of Science: D.Sc./Sc.D.

Doctor of Education: D.Ed.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology: Psych.D.

Doctor of Psychology: Psych.D

Doctor of Business Administration: D.B.A.

Doctor of Divinity: D.D.

Doctor of Law: LL.D.

Doctor of Music: Mus.D.

Doctor of Letters: Litt.D.

Masters awards and abbreviations – should not be included

Master of Arts: M.A.

Master of Science: M.Sc.

Master of Dental Surgery: M.Ch.D.

Master of Surgery: M.Chir

Master of Orthopaedic Surgery: M.Ch.Orth.

Master of Veterinary Science: M.V.Sc.

Master of Letters: M.Litt.

Master of Law: L.L.M.

Master of Philosophy: M.Phil

Master of Music: Mus.M.

Masters of Engineering: M.Eng.

Master of Business Administration: M.B.A.

Master of Education: M.Ed.

Master of Natural Science: M.Sci.

Master of Studies: M.St.

Master of Dental Science: M.D.Sc.

Master of Research: M.Res