About EThOS

The aim of the Electronic Theses Online Service (EThOS) is to maximise the availability and visibility of UK doctoral theses via a single web interface. It does this by providing both high quality metadata and, where possible, access to the full text either by downloading a PDF directly from EThOS or by following a link to the institutional repository.

Where a copy of the thesis has yet to be digitised, EThOS works with institutions to provide a streamlined process of ‘digitisation on demand’, a service which has already added thousands of PDFs to the database. With approximately 1000 UK doctoral theses viewed via EThOS every day by researchers worldwide, EThOS showcases the best of UK research and provides a single point of reference for discovering students’ theses.

By May 2013, EThOS had:
  • Over 300,000 records
  • A record for 78% of all recently awarded theses
  • 80,000 full text theses held in the database - some 30 million pages of often unique research content
  • Links to more than 60,000 theses held in HE repositories
  • 130,000 registered users
  • 75,000 visits a month
  • 30,000 full texts accessed via EThOS every month
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